How to Grow Your Penis

Since there’s a real shortage of valuable information on how to grow you penis by yourself, I decided that it’s time to give something back and present 3 easy to implement, daily exercises to grow your penis:

The Wake Up Cloth. This exercise should accompany every penis work out session. If you don’t take the time and warm out the penis you’re standing a good chances of damaging its tissue. Not only that but you’ll also experience minimal improvements after your exercises. For this preliminary exercise you’ll need a towel and a source of warm water. Once these are secured, soak the towel into the water while making sure the temperature is manageable for your genital area. Next wrap the towel around your penis and testicles and keep it for one minute. Repeat the process once more. If after these repetition you feel your penis ready for exercising go on with the workout. If not repeat the process until it’s ready.

The Long Schlong. Once your penis is warmed up, take the head of the penis in your hand and pull it vertically towards your nose. Keep it in that stretched position for 15-20 seconds. You should notice the tension at the base of your penis. Repeat the process four to five times and once completed, massage the head to restore blood flow. Working with the same time frame and grabbing technique, continue by stretch the penis towards the left and right. The tension from the base of the penis should be present on the right and left side. Also keep in mind to massage the head after each 4-5 rep. session. Note: If you have a foreskin, pull it back before grabbing the penis head. The goal here is to stretch the penis not the skin.

The Jelk. The purpose of this exercise is to strengthen and thicken the penis. This is done by manually increasing the amount of blood being pumped into the Corpora Cavernosa that makes up for two thirds of your penis structure. To do the exercise get your penis at around 70-80% arousal state. Once you’re there, grasp your penis between the thumb and pointer finger and begin tapping the blood existent in the penis. Direct the blood from the base towards the head of the penis. Use your both hands so that you ensure continuity, similar to a passover system.

The true potential of these 3 exercises can only be tapped on within a coherent penis enlargement exercise program that will take you by the hand and show you exactly how to grow your penis.