Low motility is a condition characterized by low sperm count, which in turn will make it harder for a man to impregnate a woman. But do not panic! There are a lot of natural methods that you can use to increase your sperm count, so as to have an easier time having a baby with your partner. Here are a few examples:

Wear loose underpants – Men who have worn tight briefs all of their lives are more prone to having low sperm count. This is because the pressure on the mans genitals may be affecting the health of the sperm. Make sure to wear boxers three to four times a week so that your genitals can be free to move about freely.

Quit your vices – If you are a smoker and a drinker, then this could be the reason that you have a low sperm count. You need to quit these vices so that your sperm can be healthier. Alcohol affects the liver, and this will make it harder for your body to produce healthy sperm.

Eat healthy food – Eating healthy food is good for your body overall, but it is also very essential in making your sperm healthier and for you to have a higher sperm count. Eat more fruit and vegetables, and refrain from eating too many fried foods.

Masturbate less – Yes, men, you need to masturbate less if you want to have a higher sperm count. The more times you ejaculate in a short amount of time, the less sperm you will have. Save it for when you are having sex and trying to procreate, so that your sperm will be healthier when they do come out for fertilization.

• Use Semen Enhancer Pills – These natural health supplements are certainly an excellent aid. They aren’t just a rich combination of minerals like zinc oxide and also various herbs but also incorporate a lot of amino acids like l-arginine, l-carnitine, l-glysine etc., which are extremely necessary to get the ideal sperm count.

Innovative sperm enhancers like Volume Pills will enable you to increase your ejaculation volume by an amazing 500% if you use them for 4-5 months. Additionally, these sperm enhancers enable you to experience hard and strong erections as a result of enhanced blood circulation towards the penis.

Although their main advertisement points are the capacity to enjoy stronger, more intense and longer lasting orgasms, they are additionally excellent supplements for the sexual health of the entire male reproductive system.

More importantly, there aren’t any undesirable effects. Because of this, these types of natural remedies have turned out to be incredibly popular among men searching for sexual enhancement. At the same time, these natural supplements are clinically approved and recommended by physicians.